There it is, my new index!

Welcome to, Chlorek's personal website. For random visitors there are not many things to see, but you can read some of my blog posts and listen to radios I like.
I neither like frontend design nor I am graphically talented, but I wanted colorful website, so there it is, if you do not like it then we have something in common :)
If you are a friend of mine and you got an account here you may be privileged to some functionality in Restricted Area.
Here's a quick sum up of your browsing security:


Great, you have some kind of an ad-block installed, if you use AdBlock specifically, consider moving to uBlock which does better job.


When you click a link on the web then target page gets information from your browser where did you come from. Some sites rely on this functionality to work, but let's be serious - it's problem with their design. Also there are two different ways to obtain this data, one of which is HTTP header, the other is through use of JavaScript. For functionality and security at once I recommend Chrome's "Referer Control" or Firefox's "Smart Referer".
  • Obtained with JavaScript method: still loading...
  • Obtained from HTTP headers:

Canvas fingerprinting

Websites may attempt to track you by the way your browser draws on canvas. There is also more advanced technique that utilizes WebGL to render on canvas, but here I make everything as simple as possible.
Here is your canvas fingerprint:
Different method yields:
If you need to contact me send email to one of the following: Mails are redirected, so if my setup goes down you may fail to contact me. I am sorry, but I do not like spam on my real email.